Come and Try

Join the Subsonix Dragon Boat Club at the Aquatic Reserve at West Lakes on any Tuesday, Thursday at 5:45pm (Sept – March) or Sunday at 8:45am (year round). Look for the team in the yellow tops and just tell someone you’re here to give it a try. They will direct you to the coach or to a buddy who will look after you.

On arrival we get our paddles and do a short warm-up and then the coach sets the boat up and tells everyone where to sit. Once we leave shore (usually right on 9am/6pm), we paddle around the island, so you will be in the boat for an hour. Don’t be late or you’ll miss the boat! While you are learning how to paddle you’ll be placed at the back of the boat with a buddy who will help you. Paddling is hard work, especially at first, but you can pull your paddle out at anytime as it may take a while before you can paddle the whole session. You should wear comfortable clothing that you can get wet, including water shoes or thongs. We will provide you with a life vest, which must be worn until you join the club and are covered under our insurance. You should also bring a water bottle in the boat with you. At the end of training we pull the boat(s) out of the water and everyone helps clean it and put it away. We are a very diverse and fun group of paddlers and we always have a laugh. All ages and fitness levels welcome.

The Club is always seeking new members, whether they be Sports, Social, or School paddlers (age 10 and above) and new paddlers may try out at any time during the season. No experience is necessary – you will be taught everything you need to know and all equipment is supplied.  Coming out to training is free for the first 4 visits!

There are many different dragon boating clubs in Adelaide, if you’re interested in joining the sport we recommend you choose the club with training days that best fit your schedule and goals. We are a very fun club but also extremely experienced and competitive.